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Press Releases

March, 2015

Soletop was awarded with a contract to provide an Integrated MODIS/COMS satellite ground station from the GISTDA(Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency) located in Thailand.

 The system is capable of the ability to receive and process “direct broadcasted” MODIS(Aqua, Terra, NPP, NOAA) and COMS geostationary satellite data into multiple imagery products.

GISTDA’s plan is providing this data to serve its user community and the general public in services as disaster prevention and early warning of extreme environmental events.

Choice of Korean COMS geostationary satellite into the system is notable due to its frequent transmission(every 15 minute) and advanced high resolution imagery in addition to richness of Level2 products. These unique capabilities are the result of KMA’s (Korea Meteorological Agency) research and development efforts based on future vision.

Future readiness based on KMA’s GK2 mission and its direct broadcast feature became a decisive factor for the award.

KMA’s vision and technical capability through KMIPA(Korea Meteorological Industry Promotion Agency) empowered Soletop to produce commercial products backed by operational science such as  “GlobeShot” Satellite reception system and Globe mP, a Level2 product generation engine. Soletop’s unique “Scenario/Component” based development approach was used throughout to improve systems scalability and ease of future upgrades.

We are looking forward to receive Soletop’s fine product. I am very surprised by the excellent product quality and capability shown and would like to see this relationship expand to other parts GISTDA may need.” according to Mr. Boonchoob Boongthong, Director of Satellite Operations Office of GISTDA.

Soletop is a remote sensing and telepresence professional establishment engaged in producing world class products related to satellites, UAV, and environmental instruments covering Space, Ocean and Land.