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Core Technology

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Core Technology

We have pioneered number of core technologies used for Satellite controls application to image processing. We believe this core knowledge can help our clients by applying what we have learned from our experience.

  • Control and Monitoring
Soletop can provide easy-to-use control and monitoring solutions to our clients based on 20 years of proven experience dealing with tens of thousands of complex commands and status (monitoring) information.
We have successfully offered control and monitoring solutions to major satellite programs in Korea as a result. In addition, we have applied similar technologies to UAV and ROV systems applications.
  • Automation
Machine based automated decision-making is critical to any airborne system. Our automation technology is matured over time based on analyses of large numbers of complex sensors and their reported status.
Such a capability is successfully applied to operational Satellite EGSE system which require ultimate automation technology and reliability.
  • High Speed Computing
We supply high performance/cost ratio based systems using proven technology such as a combination of algorithm optimization and CUDA based GPU that provide very high processing throughput of large volumes of data.
Soletop developed and commercialized satellite reception systems that can decode channel, decompress, store, and display CCSDS based COMSAT 1 satellite data.
This process is realized using our high speed computing technology.
  • Telemetry Processing
A key feature of telemetry processing is the fact that it must be done in real time with little room for error. Soletop can realize real time environment of processing /analysis of high speed telemetry data from beginning to end with minimum delay. We can customize outputs and screens according to customer’s specification.
  • Modeling & 3D Simulation
Simulation of aerospace environments, vehicles, and ground systems is critical to the success of national programs in training and system maintenance . Soletop has the technology and experience to develop your 3D simulation and modeling needs.
All unmanned and autonomous craft programs can benefit from this technology.
  • GUI Design
Soletop’s GUI design philosophy is focused on approachability of user experience. We apply a mixture of diverse GUI creation techniques in addition to animation. This technique will ensure that the customer will get the right GUI quickly.
We also apply multithreading and high speed computing techniques to further enhance its performance.
  • Image Processing
We can provide state of the art image processing products in any resolution. We provided these systems to Norway, Sri Lanka and UAE.
Lanka and UAE. Our product goals are to provide easy to use, reasonable price and high reliability.
  • Large Scale Systems Integration
We completed many solutions based projects over past 10 years. We have provided large scale integration experiences such as Satellite frequency monitoring systems for the Korean FCC, satellite TT&C, and Satellite reception systems. All these projects require highly sophisticated integration of hardware and software in addition to a human interface.
We can provide end to end solutions starting from system design to testing and training of clients.
  • Software Architecture
We provide optimized application-specific architecture applying MVVM component-based SOA techniques. Modular reusability and expandability is the key flexibility feature that has the advantage of meeting customers' requirements.