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Soletop is an engineering professional, dedicated to developing new technologies to build and deliver innovative products to customers. From the beginning, we have embraced the concept of software-defined systems. Therefore, all of our self-developed systems are flexible, scalable and upgradable.

We offer various products focusing on Space, Land and Undersea applications.

Our geospatial product has evolved for more than 15 years tightly woven from space heritage. Products are design to be modular, scalable and flexible. GUI design is modern and easy to use and fully customizable.
Soletop has more than 10 years of proven experience in this mission critical field. Soletop has met critical customers' needs on time every time!
Soletop's time tested experience in satellite programs and core knowledge is successfully applied to this new field. We are leading the industry in unmanned aerial systems. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your requirement.

Surveillance requirement became critical as more security application is applied to arial, maritime and land. Soletop is working with industry leading partners to resolve mission critical applications in air, land and sea.
Soletop's space driven technology is applied to subsea applications. Soletop is uniquely qualified to be a player in this extreme environment. Control and monitoring of subsea unmanned systems benefits from Soletop's technology, experience, and proven track records.
Our ultimate goal is to help our environment using qualified technology. We believe monitoring Earth is a first step into improving our planet and the quality of our lives. Soletop assembled leaders in this field to develop the best systems for the money. the goal is to insure that the products reach our customers quickly and easily.