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This laser based instrument measures the size, shape, and distribution of incoming weather phenomena such as rain and snow. It is equipped with space technology-driven software for clear visualizations.


Measurement range
Particle size 0.15 mm ~ 25 mm
Particle velocity 0.15 m/s ~ 25 m/s
Transmitter Laser diode, 650 nm, 50mW
Receiver (detector) Line scan camera
Resolution 512 pixels
Line rate 98 kHz
Measuring area 100 cm2


8 type of precipitation (drizzle, drizzle/rain, rain, mixed rain/snow, snow, snow grains, freezing rain and hail)
Radar reflectivity Z
Rain rate
Particle size distribution (32 size classes)
Particle velocity (32 velocity classes)
Number of density
Particle aspect ratio