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Geosat 1000

GeoSat series is a broadband digital receiver. It supports COMS, MTSAT satellite telemetry such as HRIT, LRIT. Three models are offered as GeoSat-1000B, GeoSat-1000N, and GeoSat-1000R depending on the form factor.

GeoSat-1000B is 5.25 inch Drive bay form factor and designed to fit in industrial PC case and Workstation. GeoSat-1000N, GeoSat-1000R models are 19 inch EIA Rack to fit in instrument rack cabinet. GeoSat-1000N is equipped with Single power supply while GeoSat-1000R has redundant power supply for maximum Reliability.

In addition, GeoSat series is equipped with 12 Volt power supply that feeds RF Input Connector to power up other RF equipment. It is equipped with extra output connectors to feed other receivers or spectrum analyzers for monitoring purpose.

It support Ethernet interface and programmable to accept any future telemetry needs as it become available.

  • Remote Sensing Scientists
  • BPSK / QPSK demodulation up to 9 Mbps
  • QPSK / BPSK performance within 1 dB of theoretical, 0.5 dB typical
  • Built in Viterbi decoding
  • Direct 70 MHz IF conversion
  • Selectable RF inputs and IF bandwidth for multimode flexibility
  • -90 dBm to -50 dBm input range
  • Ethernet and NRZ data outputs
  • Flexible 5.25 inch Drive bay
  • Flexible 19 inch Rack bay
  • Ethernet and RS-232 Interface