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GlobeShot™3.0 - turnkey COMS satellite reception system

GlobeShot™ 3.0 is a turnkey satellite reception system that receive transmitted data and process it to product meteorological products.

GlobeShot™ 3.0 is the World first dedicated COMS HRIT/LRIT reception system. It is equipped with all necessary components and software necessary to produce imagery for meteorological industry’s critical need.
GlobeShot™ 3.0 is certified with GS(Good Software) marking for its quality performance. The system is fully automated to minimize human intervention. Its intuitive GUI helps reduce learning curve for new operators.
GlobeShot™ 3.0 supports HDF5 and other formats such as PNG. Critical functions such as Map Projection, Clipping, Overlay, Coloring, Image Enhancements, Land Water Masking functions can be scripted using Job Scrip.
Level2 products are supported natively such as Cloud detection, Land surface temperature, Sea surface temperature, Etc. User can specify region of interest for processing and display in addition to the Global view.
Current version supports COMS HRIT/LRIT, MTSAT HRIT/LRIT.

  • Multi-Mission support
  • Fully Automated
  • Windows and Linux OS
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Open Architecture for future mission
  • Plug-in upgradable
  • Offer Level2 products
  • User definable algorithm