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SMDPS - COMS satellite data product generation software package

SMDPS(Satellite Meteorological Data Processing System) produces Level2 products from Geostationary Weather satellite transmission that can be used in Forecast, Disaster mitigation and monitoring. This include Cloud, Rain fall, Fog.

KMA’s successful COMS Meteorological Data Processing technology is applied for the first time to Soletop’s commercial SMDPS products. This product include server computer that collect and process imagery in addition to Network storage and switching hub.

Level2 products such as Cloud detection, Cloud analysis, icing, Snow fall, Fog, Aerosol, Land surface temperature, Sea surface temperature etc. can be produced. In addition, user defined L2 Algorithm and scenario can be applied. HDF5 is used as basic output data format but user can define other formats such as PNG and JPEG.

This product is designed to work with GlobeShot™3.0 Geostationary satellite reception system to fully automate the entire reception and product processing pipeline up to Level2. No user intervention is necessary after the automation starts.

Current products are Cloud detection, Cloud analysis, Cloud temperature and altitude, Fog, Aerosol detection, Aerosol optical thickness, Precipitation rate, Rain fall, Upper level humidity, Land surface temperature, Sea surface temperature, Icing, Snow fall and Solar radiation.

  • 15 L2 products currently
  • Low cost
  • Support Linux, Windows OS
  • Easy integration with GlobeShot™3.0
  • Fully Automated, Intuitive GUI
  • User configurable image generation scenarios
  • Open Architecture for easy upgrade
  • Supports user defined algorithm module