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Acoustic Instruments


Rowe Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures acoustic Doppler current profilers for application in oceans, lakes, and rivers. Our products blend the most established and modern acoustic Doppler sonar technologies into a broad and versatile product line of high performance sonars, for current profile and vehicle bottom velocity measurements. Please contact us to discuss your important requirement.

  • Multi-Use Configuration - All instruments perform 3-Axis Current Profile and Bottom/Water Track Measurements
  • User Programmable acoustic transmission - Broad Band for high precision and Narrow Band for long range
  • User selectable signal processing options optimize acquisition parameters for precise, high accuracy measurements
  • Doppler Array transducer technology (available on select models) provides for a small and compact ADCP which uses up to 10 times less volume and weight than ADCPs using piston transducers
  • Multiple Beams - Doppler Array models provide up to 9 acoustic beams, providing the user with more measurement flexibility

ADCP & DVL Specifications

SeaPILOT 300-600-1200 DVL
SeaProfiler 150-75 ADCP
SeaProfiler 300-600-1200 ADCP
SeaWatch 150-75 ADCP
SeaWatch 300-600-1200 ADCP