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GK2(GEO-KOMPSAT-2) Program

The GEO-KOMPSAT-2 program is to develop two geostationary orbit satellites, GK2A and GK2B. GK2A is for the meteorological mission and the space weather monitoring mission, so it is equipped with AMI(Advanced Meteorological Imager, 16 channels) and KSEM(Korean Space Environment Monitor) payloads. GK2B is for the ocean monitoring mission and the environment monitoring mission, so it is equipped with GOCI-II(Geostationary Ocean Color Imager-II) and GEMS(Environmental monitoring sensor) payloads. The lifetime of both satellites will be no less than 10 years.



Referred by KARI(http://eng.kari.re.kr) website

Soletop is going to involve in development of the GCS(Ground Control System) for the GK2A. Related subsystems are belows;
  • Common Framework Middleware
  • Processing Subsystem
  • Image Generation Subsystem
  • Monitoring and Control Subsystem
  • LRIT/HRIT/uHRIT Reception Subsystem